Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Det er mange flere gale mennesker på trikken enn det noen sinne var på t-banen. Flere ganger har jeg sett en gammel mann kaklende for seg selv, og av og til roper han til vinduskarmen. På vei fra jobb i dag var det en mann som ulte mor, moor, klagende, som et barn. Og alle vi andre trikkepassasjerer satt med popkornet vårt og ble usikre.

Jeg kjøpte en Ella Fitzgerald LP fra en gang på sekstitallet, og det suser i ørene, det suser i høyttalerne, i rommet, når man hører på den, det suser i hendene som klapper langt bakover i sekstitallets Berlin. Hun høres ut som en mann til tider. I den nye leiligheten drikker jeg mer te enn man bør, leser mindre enn jeg skal og er oppe hele sommernatten med forhenværende forfatterstudenter - lasagne og slåbrok klokken fire om natten, surrende rundt på Grünerløkka. Og latteren vår kan vekke deg når du sover.

På jobb i dag fikk jeg filmplakaten til Det Gylne Kompasset. Det blir bra.
We've got internet in our new apartment now, for reals. I'll write something probably. 

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Almost, almost moving

These last days I’ve been editing about four hours a day, and by then my head is so heavy and full of used words that I have to stop. And my eyes want to close themselves in an attempt to… I don’t even know what they attempt to do.

Tomorrow I’ll move to our utopian apartment and I bought a new box of Darjeeling tea to celebrate. Am also going to make a chocolate cake.

Today I saw a securitas guard bath his dog in a fountain in the sun. They smiled, both of them. On my way home afterwards I almost finished reading Summer in Baden-Baden, and apart from The Trial it is the most liquid-like book I have ever read.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Food from the last weeks

Café with my movie man from writing school
title or description

Also café
title or description

Strawberry and banana and tea at Anne’s place to celebrate me getting into art school
title or description

Biscuits and raspberry tea when visiting an old friend
title or description

Gluten free scones with Line. This one’s an elephant. No, it’s true.
title or description

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I forgot to tell

I found these old earrings at Vestkanttorget. They were really cheap.

også øredobber

I like them.


Oh, it’s so hot! Stupid Oslo, I thought this was supposed to be in the northern part of the world.
Anyway, the celebration on Friday was nice. Lots of speeches, lots of gift-exchanging. Afterwards we went to Jon Ewo and had a party there, which was also nice.
This year is over now, and I’ll spend the next at art school. I think that will be nice too.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Today is our last day at school. Yesterday everyone had a talk with the two most imporant teachers about our main project. They both said they had loved my novel (loved, they used that word) and it was a wonderful thing to hear. These two can be pretty harsh when it’s something they don’t like. I’m sure I can live off of this for at least a week.
Afterwards I worked til late, then home to sleep.
Today is, as I said, our very last day. They’ll give us diplomas and hold speeches and afterwards there will be an end-of-term celebration and everything.
Saturday is busy too.
On Sunday I’ll stay very still and think.

Work was wonderful though. Hanne, Benedicte and Anne came to visit me and Erik, and since there were exactly twenty customers in the summer heat we stayed outside and drank ice coffee. After we had closed Erik and I took a roundabout way along Akerselva, and the heat and the water were perfect together, all the dogs running around, we watched the ducks. Talking rapidly, enthusiastically, both excited about the last day, and the coffee running through us, and the feedback from earlier. (He wrote a novel for his main project too.)

Utdrag fra papirdagbok 7. juni

I natt sto jeg opp igjen halv to og satte meg i den tomme leiligheten. Leste Summer in Baden-Baden og drakk vin. Og skrittene mine lagde ekko gjennom rommet, gjennom leiligheten, gjennom tiden.
Frøydis skal aldri mer bli glad i noen. Og jeg skal si deg hvorfor. Man blir glad i noen, de blir lei av deg og drar sin vei. Og det tar år før man slutter å skrike ned i puta når man ikke får sove.
Jeg jobber hele tiden mot perfeksjon, så ingen noensinne skal kunne bli lei av meg igjen.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Egg yolk

Some weeks ago Anne poured an egg yolk in my hand. Cold and slippery, it looked like the sun. Then she told me it was a single cell.
I was holding a cell in my hand and somehow it was just too weird to comprehend.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I saw a woman completely dressed in bright red today. Her jacket, her pants, her purse and her umbrella. Not her shoes though. And she was reflected in the wet asphalt.
Some time later I saw a lady in blue.
I want to be a colour too.

It’s raining

I woke up this morning to the sound of raindrops on my windowsill and it was beautiful.
Other than that I’m mostly working. I work at this place:
Soria Moria
and I like it.

I’ve been thinking a lot too, mainly about plot and characters. I like when they to talk to me, that’s usually when I run in the forest, early in the morning. I also spend a lot of time at the library, writing down what my characters told me and reading about zeppelins.

We’ve got a new cat on the veranda, we call him Albert. That’s because he looks like an Albert. We feed him so he won’t disappear into himself by starvation and I sing for him every morning. I try to remember songs by The Shins, but after a while it always turns into something like la la la… lala hmmm…

Anyway. Yeah.