Thursday, June 07, 2007


Today is our last day at school. Yesterday everyone had a talk with the two most imporant teachers about our main project. They both said they had loved my novel (loved, they used that word) and it was a wonderful thing to hear. These two can be pretty harsh when it’s something they don’t like. I’m sure I can live off of this for at least a week.
Afterwards I worked til late, then home to sleep.
Today is, as I said, our very last day. They’ll give us diplomas and hold speeches and afterwards there will be an end-of-term celebration and everything.
Saturday is busy too.
On Sunday I’ll stay very still and think.

Work was wonderful though. Hanne, Benedicte and Anne came to visit me and Erik, and since there were exactly twenty customers in the summer heat we stayed outside and drank ice coffee. After we had closed Erik and I took a roundabout way along Akerselva, and the heat and the water were perfect together, all the dogs running around, we watched the ducks. Talking rapidly, enthusiastically, both excited about the last day, and the coffee running through us, and the feedback from earlier. (He wrote a novel for his main project too.)

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