Friday, May 25, 2007

I love libraries

Hah! I’ve bought a folder to put all my notes and doodlings in, and yesterday I went to the library to borrow books on zeppelins. I like this story.

Also, after Benedicte and Anne played with a scissor yesterday I appear to have some kind of helmet on my head.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


My mother got really ill before I left and had to be taken to the doctor. I was scared, but she called me yesterday evening to say that it wasn’t as serious as it had seemed.

I made my brothers a lot of food though, before I left I had made them a tasty dinner, a fruit salad,

chocolate cakes (no, they're not muffins),

and a rhubarb pie.

I am awesome!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visiting my parents at the moment

It’s not as relaxing as I had hoped, but at least they’ve got chickens! They’re cute and after a while let me say hullo.

I’ve spent my time playing Jan Johanson on the piano, doing an incredible amount of dishes, and being told with several superlatives just how ridiculous my economy is. Looks like I’ll have to find a job this summer in addition to the one I’ve already got, just to sort things out. Maybe I can write during the night or something, it should be possible. My mother bought me some food, and Hanne did too, so at least I won’t starve just yet.

My parents’ garden is green and full of flowers, it smells like summer.
(Det' min dirren
Der sitrer i koglerne, raklerne)

I drink tea with my grandmother and she tells me about her trip to Paris with her 90 year old friend. The tourists have invaded since she was young, but apart from that it was mostly as she remembered it. I wonder how the world will be when I’m 87, I probably won’t like it.
(Og tiden er sprød)

I really don’t need much to be happy, despite a lot of things. I’m listening to Under Byen again, and wearing the blue-green sweater Caroline gave me, it smells so good. Like soap and cleanness. I’ve done what I’m supposed to do and handed it in, and I know I’ll past my exam on Friday (unless I break my hand or something). And there’s a lot of rhubarb in the garden. Maybe I’ll make a cake.


Now I’ll go and make a cup of tea. Then I’ll write while I still have the time. I’m pretty happy with what I wrote on Sunday, it’s really getting exciting now. Strange things are happening and right now they’re having a narrow escape from two scary men. I wish I could write every day (Og alle ved at jeg er syg af længsel), writing is about the only thing I do which doesn’t make me wish I was doing something else.

Monday, May 21, 2007


A nice person sent me a seventeen pages long letter from Berlin. This is the letter I sent back, it’s pretty long too.

title or description

People should send me letters more often.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Writing day

Linn went off to wash her new apartment so I’m alone today. I haven’t been alone long enough to think properly for some time (and when I was I had too much to do) so I’m looking forward to this. I’ll spend it writing, I think, and drawing a bit. I want to look through some old short texts and then write on my current one, I think it’s going to be long (but who knows). I’ll write about trees and zeppelins and other exciting stuff.

The sun pretends it’s summer, there’s a bumblebee outside my window and my tomato plants are growing. I’ll go make some South African tea.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007


We found a pretty apartment. The apartment thought we were pretty too. Maybe it liked us because we smiled so much, or wore skirts, or maybe it was because we and petted its walls. Whatever the reason, it chose us and we’re moving inn in the middle of June.
There’s a garden, and stucco in the ceiling and my bedroom will be surrounded by Anne and Benedicte. And I can go over to Ida whenever I want and say: Aaahh! I want to watch Dr. Who NOW! Aahh!
Or something like that.
There’s even a park not so far away, with huge trees which I’m going to climb. This means I can get up at seven in the morning and run. Ok, so the park’s actually quite small but I don’t care, I can always run around in circles. Isn’t that what people do with their lives anyway?

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Jeg har alltid likt følelsen av gjær mot fingertuppene, men i dag oppdaget jeg at jeg helt har oversett lyden. Lyden av ferskgjær når man brekker den i små biter. Du må kjøpe en pakke ferskgjær til 1,90 og høre selv.
Jeg baker nemlig kanelboller sånn at det skal lukte godt, for vi skal ha visning etterpå (da kommer alle til å tenke, Nei, så koselig. Her vil jeg bo. Dette vil jeg betale minst femtenmillioner for).
Jeg putter ortografiske særregler for –er verb, konjunktiv i visse relative leddsetninger og alle pronominaladverbene i en stor svart sekk. Dratilhelvete, sier jeg og hopper på dem. Og så fortsetter jeg å bake kanelboller. Mye viktigere sier nå jeg.
Kanelboller får meg til å tenke. Det var nemlig der hele mitt bakeimperium startet, med kanelboller, en gang da jeg var fjorten. Jeg tror jeg bakte kanelboller en gang i uka en periode, til jeg gikk lei prøvde meg på nye ting. Og flere nye ting. Men det har blitt lite kanelboller i det siste, det er synd. (or is it really?)

I morgen har jeg eksamen i fransk, jeg kommer til å dø. På lørdag skal jeg ha aller siste skoledag, vi har om dramatikk og skal framføre tekster. Og på søndag skal Ida og jeg ha Dr. Who-maraton (or are we really?).
Det blir vel bra?
Jeps, det blir bra.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It’s almost summer now. I still cry on very rare occasions, but I’m usually ok. And you know what? I can’t even remember what his feet looks like, or his teeth, or the palms of his hands.

I keep making things; pictures, comics, stories, instead of studying for my exams. I have my French-exam this Friday, and I’m being very stupid. Oh baby, oh oh.

This one's not done yet, it but I've already given to Linn. It was for her birthday.
I love that cat of hers. Right now he's green and dreaming of fish.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A man in my family was run over by a drink-driver some months ago, and since then he’s been lying in a coma. He died last week and the funeral is today. I didn’t really know him.
Today’s also the funeral of A.’s grandaunt. She was old and said no to an operation which could have saved her (though it wasn't very likely). A. knew her well. In her apartment we found photographs from 1937, she was smiling.
And I don’t really know why I’m writing this it’s not as if I have anything to say. Death is strange and one day I’ll die too. So will you and everyone we know, and then we'll be absolutely nothing together.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm bad at titles

I bought a pair of sunglasses, but I’ll probably never wear them because I feel stupid. Wearing sunglasses is sort of like wearing a hat, and I can’t do neither.

I really like hens, ok?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Jeg føler meg tom når jeg ikke har noe å skrive på. Det er som jeg ikke lenger har noen mening, noen retning. Ikke noe sentrum.
Så lenge jeg har en historie å skrive på, så lenge jeg kan lukke døra bak meg og gå inn i noe som er større enn meg selv, men samtidig bare finnes som en del av meg, er skapt av meg og vil dø uten meg, da føler jeg at jeg har en verdi.
Etter at jeg skrev ferdig manuset til skolen har jeg gått rundt og vært en periferi, fullstendig verdiløs, fordi jeg ikke innebar noe annet enn meg selv.

Derfor er det godt å sitte med en helt ny skrivebok, jeg har snart gjort alt det grunnleggende til første kapittel. Nye ting er spennende, og som sagt tidligere: det er ikke fantastisk, men det er noe.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We went to a concert with La Minor and we, you know, danced.