Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm bad at titles

I bought a pair of sunglasses, but I’ll probably never wear them because I feel stupid. Wearing sunglasses is sort of like wearing a hat, and I can’t do neither.

I really like hens, ok?


benedicte said...

You should wear sunglasses and hats because no one but yourself will think you're stupid. Being completely full of myself as usual, I'll say that I wear both constantly and without shame, and I have no self-confidence whatsoever.
In other news, you are terribly good at drawing hens. I like them a lot indeed.

Frøydis said...

I can try if you hold my hands.

Thank you:)
They were sending me these glances, as if they were saying: soo? Don't you know the square root of 2? III do you know.
Possibly they were only thinking: Where's the food? Why are you just sitting there?