Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art Pepper om å spille inn Meets the Rhythm Section

They played every single night, all night. I hadn't touched my horn in six months. And being a musician is like being a professional basketball player. If you've been on the bench for six months you can't all of a sudden just go into the game and play, you know. It's almost impossible. And I realized that that's what I had to do, the impossible. No one else could have done it. At all. Unless it was someone as steeped in the genius role as I was. As I am. Was and am. And will be. And will always be. And have always been. Born, bred, and raised, nothing but a total genius! Ha! Ahahaha!

Art Pepper
Straight Life


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Å yess. Eller kanskje å nei - for nå blir vi jo nödt til å fölge hans eksempel.

Frøydis said...

Så lenge vi ikke blir heroinister som han var, er jeg game! Nedlegge masse damer og skape evig kunst. Yes!