Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sleep now

I’m incredibly lucky to have Linn. She's a great person to share a flat with. I made a Tarte Tatin for her and it’s really a shame I ate most of it.

Caroline sent me a message and said there was a picture of us in Jeff Smith’s blogg over at Boneville. And indeed there was. I look smug and satisfied for some reason. Probably because I’m carrying that huge HUGE Bone book…

I wrote a lot today, which felt good. I’ve taken out the book I started to write last year – spread it out so it covered the floor – and today I put the old notes and chapters and everything in my graveyard box*. I started all anew and now I have lots of drawings and a real plot outline instead of all the messy stuff I wrote last year.

Arrgh, so tired now. Must sleep.

* I bought a cardboard box a few weeks ago. I’d been looking at it in the shop window for four or five months I think. It’s blue and covered in white flowers and so so pretty. I put all my useless writings there to die in peace, and hope I can use it as raw material or some such when I have learned how to write well.

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