Friday, December 08, 2006

Encore une fois

I made French toast for breakfast, ate it with Linn and then vacuum cleaned. Went shopping for food, got some writing done, and now Anne, Ida and Benedicte will be coming over for russian Borsch (Борщ по-деревенски), Tarte Tatin and Twin Peaks.

It reminds me of last time, when we were also just the four of us, listening to klezmer music and cooking vegetable soup, and Anne said, this feels so real, and I knew she was right. This is real and we don’t always need fiction to be happy.


r said...

it's such a great feeling when something real is good, because real things always have the potential of getting way better than fiction ever will, but unfortunately, that potential also expands in the other direction, and that's why i cling to fiction, i guess, it never gets as bad as reality, it never even gets close..

Frøydis said...

It's strange, cause I feel it's the other way around. That fiction has the potential to be both better and worse than reality. But I don't know. I don't live in fiction, so I can't feel it the way I can feel reality, so I guess you're right.