Thursday, July 26, 2007

My week’s been like this:

I got home from Denmark and went to live in my parents’ house while they’re away.
Half past six in the morning I cycled an hour and a half to the hospital, where I painted the walls together with Anne and Caroline, then I cycled home. I picked wild strawberries in the roadside.
I showered before I fed the hens, gave them water and watched them do hen-things for a while. I fed the cats too.
My toes got cold when I picked a bowl of raspberries, I had them for dessert later, every day. Then I cooked vegetables for dinner (carrots and broccoli), ate, listened to everything being quiet. I didn’t turn the radio on, or the telly. I like this silence.
I’d lock the hens in for the night, then read, then sleep.

It’s been a good week. Tomorrow I’m going back to Oslo, to work there.

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