Saturday, October 13, 2007


I’ve made a cake. It’s a very tasty cake, it’s made of chocolate. And now I’ve decorated it with more chocolate. I’ve walked around in Oslo (even though it hurts), bought pretty pillows in different colours and picked a lot of chestnuts in the park, to put on the table. Decorating, you know, that is my soul.

Right now I’m making a lentil soup with Anne, and tomorrow I’ll make falafel. I’ve finished the first draft of Comic Manuscript nr. 2 and I’m happy.

I was at the doctor yesterday, and she checked all the joints in my body and found several hypermobile ones. She told me the inflammation in my arms and feet is all because of them. So I’ll listen to Viv’s advice and stay away from Yoga. Yep.

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Laura San Román said...

so you had alredy wrote a novel??? and a comic too??!
there is a possibility to read this works? I am very interested and serious . please answer to my email: