Monday, October 22, 2007


It’s taking me such a long time to pack, because my brain is suddenly functioning very slowly. Too slowly for my fingers actually, so I keep typing wrong and have to put it right again.
I’m going to Copenhagen with my art school tomorrow to visit galleries. I’ve packed books for the bus ride, I’ve remembered that.
And I’ve arranged to meet one of my cousins who lives there. Her boyfriend is a baker from France, and she said we might make a dinner! I hope I can get time off from the galleries. The other’s will probably go out to drink in the evenings anyway, I can sneak off to cook food! Yes.

Since this whole packing thing takes such a long time and I can’t remember what one should bring I’ve brought Benedicte into my room and put her in a chair with a comic (Shortcomings), just to keep me company. It’s nice.

I'll be back on saturday if anyone needs me:)

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