Monday, February 12, 2007

Cold and pancaky morning

Brrr. It’s so cold! I sleep with woollen socks, a woollen blanket and the cat on top of my duvet to keep warm. I wish we could turn the heating up, but we already got one bill I didn’t like, I don’t want another. I had pancakes for breakfast today though. I had forgotten how easy they are to make. Yum.

I almost finished the text for another picture book. I’m not sure if the narrative style works as I planned, I might have to do it all over. I do wish I had the time to make the pictures as well, but we’re only supposed to deliver the text. Oh well. And the next chapters of the novel are due in three weeks. I know I should get on with learning French verbs and the rules for adjectives, but this is just too much fun. I wish I only had one school.

Am listening to Bill Evans right now.

‘Undercurrent’ by Jim Hall and Bill Evans. An album of water, choppy and brushed by the wind, at other times silent and slow under the trees. On other songs, chords glinting on inland seas.
D. Mitchell.  

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