Tuesday, February 20, 2007

“Then I took the dust from a long sleepless night”

Yesterday I lay awake for some time, listening to the silence, and the sounds behind the silence. I listened to the sound of the cat’s breath, of the apartment creaking. I wonder if my apartment block ever goes to sleep and what it dreams of.

It’s snowing again and the daylight is coming back, more and more with every day. I can no longer watch the sun tickle the horizon when I get up. Still I walk to the underground thinking of the same things, like how life is the strangest thing I will ever come across, and how the French superlative really is quite easy.


mel said...

I enjoy reading your blog posts. They are simple, contemplative, restful and interesting. I loved the line from a few posts back, "I cut my hair when I was meant to be sleeping." I do things like that too - I once pierced my own ears at 11pm at night when the whole house was still and quiet and I needed to do something out of the ordinary. I went to bed soon after feeling like I'd done a little alterating on myself and it felt nice.

Frøydis said...

Wow, this made me smile so much! I'm glad you like it, and I want to say thank you for telling me so. I was just going through all my posts, deleting some and altering others, trying to figure out if I should keep this blog or not.

There's something about that period of time, isn't it? When everyone else are asleep, and you know you should too, but you're not tired yet. So you stay up late and do something, like make a comic, write a story or read a book. And sometimes, sometimes you have to do something completely different just to keep the feeling of alive. Like cutting your hair or piercing your ears.