Monday, February 19, 2007

Drinking tea and thinking (roughly the same thing)

I like when the tea is warm and I can observe the vapour disappear at some fixed point above the cup. I like sitting at the table with Linn drinking my hot hot tea, sometimes in complete silence, sometimes laughing wildly. I like that. I like eating nothing but fruit for breakfast. I like baking buns and eating them with chocolate and vanilla custard (for the Shrovetide). I like putting up my new book shelf and filling it with all the books that’s been been lying about, cluttering up my room (at my desk, in my windowsill, under the chair, beside the old shelf). It looks pretty and neat.
I like that I sometimes smile for no reason.


Anonymous said...

I'm som glad you're happy :)
I really am.


Frøydis said...

You're great, Nora.