Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from London

I think must be the best trip to London I have ever been to. It was even better than the one in 2004, which is the year I compare everything else to. I think I liked the British museum best, or maybe Tate Modern. Or wait no, maybe Saatchi Gallery. Or maybe the nights we spent in the hotel rooms with beer and Fernet. My head is filled with all the things I saw and all the things they made me think, I liked all our discussions and all our nonsense. I liked the London weather, cold, but warmer than Norway. I even got to visit Viv and Alexis in their wonderful home, filled with birds and dinosaur toys and Daleks.

The boy came to visit last night and in a couple of hours I’ll go to Rockefeller to the Calexico-consert. Everything is good.

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