Monday, January 08, 2007

Fragments and annoying lines

I took a bus up to my grandmother so I could have half a week for myself, just to write and read. It’s so quiet here, I like it. Though so far it hasn’t turned out like I had hoped. I do write a lot, but not the sort of things I wanted to. It’s not as much exciting adventures filled with snow and small creatures, as either desperate fragments without beginnings or ends or simply demanding openings like:

“Du verden”, sa mormor. “Nå har jammen månen falt ned i hagen igjen.” Hun dro irritert i gardinene og ristet på hodet. ”Vi blir nødt til å ringe herr Larsen for å høre om ikke han kan heise den opp for oss.”
Jeg satt på gulvet og spikket en tremann. Jeg likte ikke mormor når hun ble irritert for bagateller.

I have, however, almost finished the plot for a picture book. So I went out to buy a note book in which to draw the model for it. How vexing it was to find the local book store couldn’t be bothered to sell note books without lines. I bought a nice looking one and I hope I will be able to ignore them. Oh well, will be starting on it very shortly.

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