Sunday, January 21, 2007

Real snow this time!

Yesterday was nice. First I woke up after eleven hours of sleep, read some poems by Robert Frost for the cat (he slept next to me purring all night), ate some fruit and started writing. I’ve had some trouble writing lately, but yesterday it all fit. There was as much snow as ever, the characters decided to do quite unexpected things like fighting and falling through the ice of a lake I didn’t even know they were going to visit. And as I wrote the snow started falling outside, just a little bit at first, and then more and still more, so by the time I was supposed to go outside to meet Simon and Caroline it was already ankle deep. It felt a bit as if the snow had stepped out of my story and into reality at the same time as the real snow crept into my story and made it more vivid.

The city was showing off in her new white dress and the people were snowmen hurrying from one place to the other. We went on expeditions to buy cheep vegetables and waded home to make stew and drink beer. Lots of pictures I want to post but I can’t get them out of that stupid phone.

I wrote even more today and feel vastly satisfied with myself. Yay! 

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