Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Seulment une idée

Sometimes I believe that all we try to do all our lives is to show ourselves and other people who we are. Because there is no way we can put into words the entire meaning of our being, we have to break it up in bits and do our best. To do this we have to use our whole lives, because there is so much going on inside a person it takes more than a life to explain. Who are you? Well, I am the girl who draws lions studyingFrench verbs when she writes letters. I am the girl who likes cleaning her room because it feels like cleaning her head and her life. I am the girl who writes too many words in too many places because otherwise she’d feel like she was going mad (which I sometimes do anyway). And is this me? Yes, this is me. This is three pieces of me that people can find out and then get a vague impression of the being that I am.

What I am trying to say is that perhaps this is all there is. Trying to find out who you are and who the others are. I draw French lions in my letters because I feel like it, and I feel like it because I am the sort of person who feels like drawing French lions when I write letters.

This makes sense in my head. 

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Laura San Román said...

hello, still loving your write
how is a french lion? I would like to recieve a letter from you too and see this lions.