Saturday, September 29, 2007


My physiotherapist told me yesterday that I’ve got hypermobile joints. I never knew. I can’t have any extreme form of the condition, I mean, yes, I can bend my arms the wrong way behind my head, and almost do the splits although it’s been four years since I did any real physical training, but I’m nothing near Benedicte. Hypermobile joints. Imagine me being hyper anything. The body is such a strange thing.

The consultant I had at school told me to try another publisher for my novel, and then follow up the one I thought gave the best directions. I don’t want to do anything with it at the moment so I guess this is as good a form of procrastination as anything.

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Agnes said...

så fina bilder:) och händerna.händer är svårt. De du gjorde påminner mig om när jag gick på kempo...

Frøydis said...

Takk skal du ha :)