Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Still ill

I can barely talk without coughing my stomach out, but at least my throat doesn’t hurt when I breathe anymore. And I’m very close to having a bed now. My room is full of bits and pieces of bed, because dad brought them to me on Sunday. Now if I could only get some screws…

I was at my parents’ house today and yesterday because a distant branch of our large and extremely complex family came on a visit all the way from Arizona (though they are Canadian). I didn’t really know about them until now, but they were very friendly and cheerful, and we had a huge dinner party at my grandmother’s and everything was pleasant and funny and cosy. And also, when leaving home I brought lots of apples from the garden, some home made jam and honey from the cellar, with me. I have food! (which is good because I bought a lovely winter coat and a red lipstick, so I think I have to live on oatmeal porridge for some time to come)

Otherwise (and more importantly) I should be writing the opening, or the first two chapters, of a book for small children. I’m supposed to hand it in in two weeks and I keep writing other stories instead. In addition I am a bit confused as to what is the difference between a picture book and a book for small children. Because it’s not the same, we won’t do the picture book until December.

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