Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today / All the good things

Today when walking to work, kicking the leaves at the sidewalk (it was yellow and orange and washed out–green) I put my mittens on the ground and threw the leaves high up in the air. They were raining down, like apples do.

I could see the yellow specks that were leaves at the bottom of the river. I threw a stone in and I couldn’t see them anymore.

When unpacking Christmas articles at work we found a beetle in one of the boxes, the size of my thumb. It had traveled all the way from Asia and was really quite dead.

I work ten or eight hours a day. I wear my uniform from before I leave home until I get back. That’s when I snuggle into my pyjamas, wearing it for the two or three hours left of the day. They are green and soft and lovely. It’s a sort of symbol of changing my place, changing mode. Work-Frøydis / home-Frøydis. When I wear my pyjamas I can be just as shy and quiet as I like. Then I eat. Then I write (and if I'm very lucky; read for a while).

Soundtrack: Autumn Leaves - Bill Evans

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