Monday, October 02, 2006

Tea and Hairdye and Other Things

Finally the rain dives down on us, really pouring, and I can lie awake early in the morning, before the light, and listen to it while I slowly adjust to the new day.

Sometimes I write so much I can’t stop.

I saw an old couple today. They were standing under the same umbrella kissing. They looked so happy and I couldn’t help noticing that I didn’t feel anything. I always used to. So I jumped up and down in a huge puddle while they walked past me and away. Splash splash. There were little yellow leaves in it.

Rune and I bought supplies of tea for the coming of autumn, and later he gave me the best hug anyone has given me in ages. At Anne’s place I found some very chocolaty chocolate and I dyed my hair again. I’m still unsure as of why. It was after we had found the new park. We had gone for a walk and had turned some random and unknown corners, and there it was, complete with huge trees to climb and lots of - lay down in the - green grass (remember when you loved me). It even had an old church in one of the corners.

Mannen bak disken på Bare Jazz sa; ”Det der er sjeldne saker. Totalt selges det ca to Eddie Lang CD-er i året”. Jeg smilte forsiktig og gikk ut, for hva skal man vel si. Det er så fint der, jeg skal dra med meg mennesker dit snart snart.

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