Friday, March 16, 2007

Yeah we're a cosy little threesome, you, your failure & me

I got Biscuits for Cerberus by the amazing Flipron in the mail yesterday. It makes me dance randomly around in my room. I don’t like it quite as much as their first CD, but that might change. I love “Youth Shall Never Beat Old Age In A Race”, “Waltz Of The Monster Dogs” and Bring "Me The Head Of John The Baptist".
You should order one too if you don’t have one already.

I’ve borrowed two documentaries about polar bears at the library, am going to watch one of them this weekend, I don’t really think I need to watch both. It’s research for my novel thing of course, I’m rewriting four of the chapters right now. I like rewriting, I notice things in my texts I didn’t notice before.

I built a tower with my dictionaries to count them. I have ten.
I love dictionaries. I love words.
Like infundibular, minikin, pelsabstinens, and fernweh.

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