Monday, March 12, 2007

Chocolate Dalek

Some days are as near to perfect as they come and it has everything to do with the people you spend it with.
Like yesterday.
I made red lentil soup and Ida and I made a chocolate cake not quite resembling a Dalek, but that’s ok. We can try again. Anne, Ida and Benedicte are my favourite three persons, ever. I like how Anne has to lie down on the floor because she had too much soup, how Benedicte is slowly wooing the cat, and how Ida gets so excited she jumps up and down. I like how Anne and Ida recite TV-show quotes to each other and how Benedicte knows every Russian painter, poet and radical thinker there ever was.

We all had tea and watched Carnivàle. I like it so much, I want to watch it all the time. It sort of reminds me of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. And it reminds me of the way I read books as a child, although now I analyse all the time. Must be that year spent studying literature.


(Notice Becket up there on our kitchen wall)
This was the second chocolate cake I made this weekend. I’ve still got half a Dalek in my refrigerator and that’s a weird thing to write. 

I’ve had five cups of tea today and am making another. One day I’ll die of lack of sleep and too much tanic acid. 


Anne said...

Dette var en ordentlig fin post :)

Frøydis said...

Why thank you. Det var en ordentlig fin dag også.