Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter update

I’ve spent this Easter making things, mostly. I can’t say how much I love making things. Just, I don’t know, to make them.
I’ve bound a couple of notebooks and made lots of bookmarks, both for and really exciting (and not-so-secret-but-I-won't-tell-you-yet-anyway) project.
I’ve made food. Like apple pie, chocolate cakes (of course), filled pancakes and Quiche Lorraine. And onion soup. The quiche tasted like eggs and butter and bacon. Which was mostly what it was made of so I guess it wasn’t very surprising, but the fact still made me happy.
I’ve been painting and drawing too, and yesterday morning I finished another chapter for the novel thing. (I don’t really dare to call it a novel when I write about it, it sounds so serious and I’m not even sure that’s what it is.) I’ve rescued my little creatures from being eaten so many times now, I don’t think they can handle much more. I’ve told them it’s nearly over and that made them smile. It’s been a while since last time I gave them a reason to.
Oh! And I’ve visited people’s houses and played the theremin.

That was all I had to report. I guess my life isn’t exactly thrilling, but I like it all the same.

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