Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I don't know

Today, at the underground station (if you can call it that when it’s not under ground) I thought about how everything in my head is bound together, how everything has an impact on everything else.
My writing has always influenced my drawing; they are made of the same, although my words are stronger and more important than my pictures. Recently I’ve started looking at the world in a different way (and I don’t mean metaphorically), and my drawings reflects this. I think in shadows, if you know what I mean. When I place my hand on my neck there is a shadow, when I press my thumb into my foot there is a shadow. And there is absolutely no way you can see it.
Earlier today this way of thinking made me solve the translation I’m doing for Friday (from Norwegian to English) differently. In addition, this translation course in its turn helps me translate my abstract thoughts into written Norwegian.
Today, at the underground station (if you can call it that) I thought about how my brain is really just one huge assemblage of intertwining strings. Spider webs linking.
Then I took an Easter chocolate egg from my pocket and ate it.

Tomorrow I’m meeting the consultant for coffee (hot chocolate in my case I expect) and we’ll work out the last chapter.


Frk. Tekanne said...


You can call it a subway station.

Frøydis said...

(: (I am drinkin your russian tea right now)

Nah, in British English the word "subway" equals the Norwegian word
"fotgjengerundergang" which is not what I mean.