Saturday, April 28, 2007

Too much sun today

it gave me a head ache.

I’ve almost cut out milk, I seldom eat bread anymore and after I moved out I’ve hardly prepared meat for myself (I have, of course, accepted it when offered other places). All I have to do now is cut out sugar and then I’ll be perfect.
Which leads us to the great question: Which is most important, perfection or chocolate cakes? The choice is easy of course, the human body needs chocolate cakes to maintain health and happiness. So we thought it was best to make eleven (small ones) on Thursday, with milk chocolate inside. Just to, you know, be sure.

I’m reading a wonderful book, War With The Newts by Karel Čapek. There really is something about those Czech writers.

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Frk. Tekanne said...

But the fact that you make chocolate cakes brings you a little step closer to perfection overall. NEVER STOP.