Sunday, April 15, 2007


I’ve discovered two things. One is that I’m really really disappointed in Carnivàle. The other is that rice milk is so tasty I think I want to cut out ordinary milk for this amazing substance.

Things have apparently decided to cooperate about making May a horrible month for me. Not that the things in themselves are horrible (some of them are actually great) but the amount of them scare me. I’ve been given three weeks to finish my novel which is fine; I think I can do that. But then there are all the other things which I don’t want to list (that makes for a boring blog entry). I think I have to withdraw from one of my exams because it is not possible to do all of this, there is absolutely no way, not enough time.

Apart from what I wrote above I like this thing called life. It is a nice way to spend the time. Living I mean. Two genuinely skilful illustrators are helping me with my application for art school and it looks like I have a job (I haven’t got time for any of these, of course, but I just have to ignore that fact). And the responses I get for what I write are mostly good, which is good, which makes everything good.

I’m hungry, I think I will have a salad for dinner. Now.

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